Did you know that there is a federal employee hearing aid benefit?

Your hearing aids may be completely free if you are federal employee who carries Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS_FEHB) insurance.  BCBS federal employee plans cover hearing problems and have recently been updated to make hearing assistance more available.  Benefits for hearing aids and related services are available for up to $2,500 every three calendar years.  The benefit per ear distinction has also been eliminated.

Our hearing specialist will help you learn about the difference a hearing aid can make and will make sure you are fitted with the right equipment for your unique situation.  We ensure that every effort will be made to help you recapture the gift of hearing and our staff is dedicated to helping you learn about the options available to you.  Whether it's your concerns about hearing aids or insurance companies,  we will find you the answer you need.

To learn more about Blue Cross and Blue Shield's federal employee benefits, you can visit their website at  For more information specifically about the benefits associated with your plan, check you policy booklet or visit the contact us sections for the website.
Humana Gold Plus
  • $1000 maximum benefit coverage amount per ear for Hearing Aids (all types) up to 1 per ear year.
Humana gold Plus members purchase their Hearing Aids through third party companies (see below) in order to receive their Insurance benefit.

TruHearing discount

TruHearing offers  over 90 new hearing aid models with the latest technology from 5 of the world's leading manufacturers       
(more than 400 styles to choose from)  TruHearing customers save and average of $890 per hearing aid compared to national retails averages.
Each hearing aid purchase includes:
  • 45- days money-back guarantee
  • 3-year manufacturer's repair warranty
  • 3-year manufacturer's coverage for one-time loss & damage
  • 48 batteries per hearing aid 

HearUSA discount

With HearUSA, eligible members will get a complimentary hearing exam - a $135 value.  The service includes a physical exam of your ears, complete hearing evaluation, and an interview to discuss your needs.
You'll also get:
  • Routine follow-up visits at no charge
  • Two year supply of batteries
  • Three-year loss and damage warranty
  • A choice of four major manufacturers
  • Free in-office repairs for the life of the aid
  • Financing available - no interest up to 18 months
For more information or to schedule a free hearing evaluation, call HearUSA at 1-800-442-8231.
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